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The 1 Day Property Accelerator is a FREE Event that will show YOU how to gain financial INDEPENDENCE through property investment!
Steven Green is the Founder of The Property Investment Academy.
With 23 years of property investment experience and a portfolio of over 50 properties and with his current project will take his portfolio to 76 properties and a portfolio with a value of over 6 million pounds, Steven is a world-renowned property investment expert.

He’s trained countless amateur property investors to become millionaires and gain financial Independence through his no nonsense, straight down the line practical teaching methods ensuring success in property no matter what your starting point is.
From The Founder Of
The Property InvesTMEnt Academy
Dear Property Investor,
You are about to learn how you can grow your property investment portfolio with no money down so you can gain financial independence.

No matter if you are just getting started and haven't bought your first investment property yet or, you own a few properties and want to learn how to build a portfolio you’ll discover how to gain financial independence through property investment.

If you want to just earn a little extra money on the side, I’m going to show you exactly how to do that too.

But that’s just a fraction of what you’ll take away from the full 1 Day Property Accelerator event. This very special event will show you the step-by-step process to earning passive income from your investment properties.
Steven Green
  • YOU ARE AN AMATEUR INVESTOR and you want to learn how to profitably grow your property portfolio.
  • YOU ARE AN EXPERIENCED INVESTOR and you want to take your investment portfolio to the next level.
  • YOU KNOW PROPERTY OWNERSHIP MEANS FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE and you want to be able to achieve the same for yourself.
  • YOU WANT TO LEARN the correct way to acquire your first of many investment properties.
I have recently attended the 1 Day Property Accelerator and was truly blown away by how much is achievable, not only in property but life itself with the models on mindset taught. The whole event was very well structured and entertaining. The friendly staff all walked around and interacted with all there, shared their own stories of what had brought them to the academy and the successes they had achieved by being part of it.

The event was packed with a lot of information on property investment and also on creative strategies for maximising profits. This event is for everybody whether  you are buying one home for yourself or investing in property as a business. Everyone can take something from it and also save yourself money.
Scott Moore
You May Already Know Me From Being Featured On BBC...
But I wasn’t always a property investment expert...

I started out as an Amateur Landlord, trying to figure things out for myself...

It wasn’t easy. I had to learn how to source deals, negotiate price, and structure and finance things all on my own..

And over the years, I learned how to do things the hard way.

I made some costly mistakes, and fell victim to many of the common pitfalls...

But eventually, I discovered the recipe for success.
I figured out how to grow my portfolio by finding the right deals (at below market value), and how to structure my deals properly.
Which is why...
Today I’m A Highly Sought - After Property Investment Expert...
Over the last 23 years, I’ve helped investors all over the world gain financial independence through property investment.

See What Some Of My Past Students Say...

This course is by far the best course I have ever been on. This course will give you everything you need to succeed in Property from setting your goals developing a plan to achieve them and using a proven strategy. You will learn more on this course than you can imagine. I went on this course not knowing much at all about property but always having an interest and wanting to provide myself another income stream.

I left the course massively motivated with a clear plan to reach my goals within 2 month of completing the course myself and another attendee had successfully agreed a deal on a commercial property which will provide us with approx £80,000 in equity and provide us with an income of £20,000 for the rest of our lives.

This course will change your way of thinking and motivate you beyond belief, attending this course will also put you amongst other like minded people who will help and support you and that alone is priceless. I would recommend this course to anybody It will be the best move you ever make.

This is without doubt the best thing I’ve done, it is truly life changing and I cannot recommend highly enough. I’ve gone from no property experience and no knowledge at all to a joint venture and buying a commercial property 40% below market value. It gives you the confidence and knowledge in all aspects of properties and different ways to finance plus tells you the pitfalls to avoid  The experience passed on is priceless.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about property, having the right mindset and basic life skills everyone should learn. Life starts after you've completed this course. Meet a great team who will support you on your journey. Steven delivers the course exceptionally well and his coaches are really inspirational. Invest in your future, it's worth every penny.

Property Investment Will Allow You To Live The Life
Most People Only Dream Of…
Back when I was an Amateur Landlord, I had almost nothing…

But the one thing I DID have was the motivation and enthusiasm to LEARN. To get BETTER at property investment.

And I know you do too.

That’s why I want to spend a day sharing my secrets with you...for FREE!

So you can get started on the journey to building a profitable portfolio and gaining financial independence.
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Real Property Investors Rely On Proven Systems To Guarantee Their Success…
If you truly want to be a successful property investor, then you need a proven system.

It’s how REAL property investors guarantee their success.

They use proven strategies and tactics to find profitable deals and grow their portfolio.

And I want to share the system I’ve developed over 23 years as a successful property investor with YOU...for FREE!

Imagine being able to buy a property with NO money down...
...or earn £2000 per month (or more) in passive income from every property in your portfolio…

Because that’s exactly what YOUR life could look like…

If you’re prepared to take advantage of this 100% FREE training I’m offering you…

The bottom line is this:

If you want to grow your portfolio and gain financial independence, then you’re going to LOVE the 1 Day Property Accelerator!
You’ll Learn Proven Ways To…
Find Great Properties, Acquire Them Without Putting Your Own Money In, And Profitably Grow Your Portfolio!
At the full 1 Day Property Accelerator, you’ll discover how to invest without putting ANY of your own money in, there are over 10 ways to raise finance.

You don’t need to make the same costly mistakes I did to learn how to invest in property successfully.

All you need is a system based on proven techniques — that actually WORK!

And at the 1 Day Property Accelerator, that’s exactly what you’ll learn.

You’ll find out how to grow your portfolio and earn passive income so you gain financial INDEPENDENCE.
Here’s What You’ll Learn…
How to make 24k per year from 1 property
Having high cash flow properties in your portfolio can quickly give you financial independence, I’m going to show you what kind of properties can generate this kind of income.
A step by step proven system
Have confidence knowing I will teach you the exact steps I use today in a simple easy to follow system, which people like you are using right now to become financially free.  
How to become financially Independent
Learn the 3 things which will give you all the skills and knowledge but mainly the confidence to becoming financial independent through property.
Why most landlords have a weak model
Most investors follow the dated traditional method of property investing in property. I’m going to teach you why that model is flawed and how to generate a substantial income that can be passed down to your children. Also how you can make the time to live life on your terms with those who matter to you.
Come And Enjoy A Day With Me And My Team So We Can Show You How To…
  • Find the BEST properties to invest in your area.
  • Structure your deals the RIGHT way.
  • Invest without putting your own money in.
  • Start earning a PASSIVE income.
  • Quickly GROW your portfolio.
  • Gain financial INDEPENDENCE.
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But Let Me Be Clear About Something…
If you’re looking for some regular property investment strategies, then the 1 Day Property Accelerator is NOT for you…

But if you’re looking to discover the secrets behind building a multi-million pound property portfolio right here in the UK so you gain financial independence, then this is exactly what you’ll get.

And I’ve made this event completely, 100% FREE so that price isn’t a barrier for you.

Right now you can get a ticket to this event completely FREE saving yourself the regular price of £149. I am doing this because I want to prove to you, you can do this. All I ask in return is that you allow me to showcase your results of what is possible, as I am looking for potential clients to work with.
Tickets are in limited supply.
The strategies and tactics you’ll learn at the 1 Day Property Accelerator could take you from inexperienced Investor...

...to highly-successful Property Investor with a LUCRATIVE portfolio!
If you choose to attend the 1 Day Property Accelerator, you’ll also have the opportunity to win  some amazing FREE prizes...
Chance To Win Property Essentials Pack
I created the Property Essentials pack to prevent you making the same mistakes I did in the early days, and to give you the head start above other property investors
Opportunity To Win Further Training
On every event we carry out a prize draw and 1 person in the room wins 3 intense training days with me and my coaches
This FREE Event Will Book Out Fast...
This Means You Need To Act Fast And Claim YOUR Seat Today!
Because the 1 Day Property Accelerator is 100% free of charge to attend, we expect it will book out fast.

That means you need to act fast to claim YOUR free ticket…

So click the button below to get yours right away, and I look forward to meeting you in person at the 1 Day Property Accelerator.

Steven Green